Does Asterisk can play audio externally?

I have a server with asterisk installed. I want to play the sounds on a remote server, and receive the media from the remote server and send it to the client.
I don’t want the audio files to be on the server where the asterisk is.
I want to run the audio files on the remote server and only take the media to the server and forward it to the client.
Is there a way to do this ?

If possible, could i get some suggestions.

Thanks for help.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. NFS - Though not recommended if the remote server is far away. Linux does not take kind to slow responses from remote servers.
  2. Asterisk can play files from remote servers via http(s). We store many files on AWS S3 cloud object storage and play files.

Asterisk can play audio externally , but quality may not be good.

To do it, you only need to map remote server to local folder and run command Play() .

It is advisable to have another SSD attached rather having a remote server as the audio retrieval will be very very slow, remember,even having.wav file on same system cannot guarantee good output, having.wav on remote will add more to misery.


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