Documentation for option 'stir_shaken_profile' in modules 'res_pjsip' not found!

I have just upgraded from V16 to V18.9-cert1 and I am getting the following error:

ERROR[3838] config_options.c: XML Documentation for option ‘stir_shaken_profile’ in modules ‘res_pjsip’ not found!

I have added stir_shaken=off to my pjsip endpoints in pjsip.conf but the problem persists. Any guidance would be much appreciated as my searches have failed to find a solution.


I hope you are aware that certified versions are only intended for people with paid support from Sangoma, and even then are only supported for the options actually enabled. I doubt if STIR/SHAKEN is supported in the certified versions.

Are you having any problems other than the error message and holes in the embedded help information? If not I would ignore it. The error doesn’t seem to be one that should affect normal operation.

David is correct, if you are a customer please go through Sangoma support to raise an issue. Otherwise certified does not receive changes as a result of things like this.

upgrading to 18.12.0 seems to have resolved the issue - thank you

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