Asterisk 16.8-cert8 PJSIP Stop response

The Pjsip from asterisk stop response all register and all traffic:

For return work I need kill asterisk:

Logs in console

If you are a commercial customer then please contact support to file an issue. If not, then you would need to investigate yourself as to what is going on such as through a backtrace[1] and see about resolving it. We don’t accept reports against certified on the open source tracker, and it does not receive changes except for commercial customers. Note though that your problem may be resolved in current normal Asterisk.

[1] Getting a Backtrace - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

The Certified Asterisk versions are more stable of no-Certified versions?

Certified versions are for commercial customers. They receive fewer changes, are released less often, and go through specific testing before release.

Ok, I will try use the new version 16.18

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