Do only certain providers allow setting of caller id number?

I’m new to VoIP, Asterisk, and my Sipura 3000, but I have a somewhat easy question…

Do only certain providers all the setting of the caller id number for outgoing calls?

For example, here is a snippet of outgoing extensions.conf:

exten => _9XXXXXXX,1,Set(CALLERID(number)=6135551234)
exten => _9XXXXXXX,2,Dial(SIP/1570${EXTEN:1},60)
exten => _9XXXXXXX,3,Set(CALLERID(number)=6135551234)
exten => _9XXXXXXX,4,Congestion

I’m setting the caller id twice just to make sure it works, but no matter who I call the number displayed is my real number instead of “6135551234” as listed above.

Does Broadvoice not support custom caller id numbers? Could something else in my config be throwing it off?

very few providers allow you to set your own callerid. voipjet is one of them.

Hmm, I can’t get VoipJet working.

Which other providers support this?

VoicePulse (highly recommended), NuFone and SellVoIP come to mind. VP has a special service for Asterisk users; visit Their regular service is more expensive, so be sure you’re looking at “VoicePulse Connect for Asterisk”. NuFone is questionable and should be approached with caution. SellVoIP is great if you don’t mind the complete absence of support. Other than that, it’s really cheap.


VoicePulse looks really neat, but they don’t have any numbers for my area code (570).

It seems like my only real options for local DID’s are Vonage and BroadVoice. Neither of which support custom caller id’s. It’s not a big deal, but it would be a nice feature to have.

Are any other options available to me or is that it? :frowning:

I’d even be fairly happy with a pay-as-you-go service that had custom caller id’s. VoicePulse does this but requires FIFTY DOLLARS to sign-up :frowning:

voxee and do as well.

Checkout this place.

They have what you’re looking for.

you can get your did from vonage or broadvoice but send your outgoing calls through a different provider that offers custom callerid if you’d like.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

I’ve canceled BroadVoice (not because of bad service, but because of all of the complaints about them), and I’ve signed up for EXGN. I’m going to try using them as a DID (eg. incoming calls) and perhaps even for outgoing, but their outgoing rate seems a bit high.

What’s a cheap (and RELIABLE/QUALITY) outgoing provider? Also, are the rates posted online per minute or per phone call? (I’m guessing per minute)

in my experience, all the providers that sell wholesale ($/min) let you set it, the ones which sell lines ($/mo) don’t.
Another vote for – highly recommended! I signed up a while ago and they are VERY responsive to support requests- they called me several times to keep me up to date on my emailed trouble ticket. They are wholesale (about $0.01/min depending on where u call) and let you set outbound cid, with the exception that it must be a 10 digit number (no calls from ‘911’ etc).

Also keep in mind that with wholesale, you can use a different provider for outgoing calls than you do for incoming.

as for others- few wholesale companies that i know of… asterlink, junction networks, voxee, plainvoip… not much experience with any of them tho.

I was actually suprised to find that any of the providers allowed you to set your own outgoing caller ID number, since this provides the user the capabiliity to spoof the name and number displayed to the called party.

I do take advantage of the this capability to send out my PSTN number as the callerid number on my sellvoip line, so calls to family and friends show up as my familiar phone number. And it is slightly amusing to one time call a friend using their phone number as your caller id, and have them wonder why they are getting a call from their own number, how is that possible? But I really think the providers are opening themselves to some liability when allowing this capability.

superb, quite agree with you. i thought i saw some news a while ago, stating that ITSPs had to have restrictions on outgoing CallerID. i don’t have a problem with having to prove rental of a circuit/number to an ITSP for the purposes of CallerID.