DNS trunk SIP with Alcatel OXE

Hello everyone,

Sorry if it’s a stupid question, i’m starting with asterisk.
For a project in progress, i have 1 Asterisk and 2 Alcatel OXE system. The first Alcatel OXE is master, the other one is backup. When the first one is master the DNS is X.X.X.X (X is IP for the main) and when the backup one come up if the master is down the DNS is X.X.X.Y.
My issue is that my Asterisk is link to a trunk SIP using the DNS the Alcatel system. But when the Alcatel get down the DNS IP change, but the asterisk does not resolv again the DNS to re-register on the IP of the backup Alcatel system.

Do you have any idea to make that work ?

            _( Register SIP to something.localdomain)_

Asterisk -------------------------------------------------------------------- Alcatel Master (IP X.X.X.X)
I---------------------------------------Alcatel Backup (IP X.X.X.Y)

If Master OK DNS something.localdomain = X.X.X.X
If Master KO DNS something.localdomain = X.X.X.Y

I don’t know if i’m clear, sorry for my bad english ?

Thank you for your help.

If you are using chan_sip then it indeed does not re-resolve things unless the configuration is reloaded. This is a limitation of chan_sip and does not impact chan_pjsip.

Thank you for the reply.
That what i thought, when I do a reload the SIP is back to reacheable one the new IP address.
I will try to work with the manufacturer who manage the asterisk to see if he can change something or if he can try to wite a script who force a reload when the link come down.
I don’t know if it’s possible.