Dnd will not deactivate --need help


I’m new to Asterisk and looking to be pointed in the right direction to solve a problem.

Running 1 server with 30 or so extensions. I have found that on a couple extensions, they are not able to de-activate DND once activated. In the CLI I’m seeing “DBdel: Error deleting key from database” and it’s been suggested that the key doesn’t exist.

When i do a “database show”, in fact I do not see anything about DND. However, I’m a little lost as to the next step in solving this problem. Some of my employees phones are not ringing.

Any clues much appreciated!

In Asterisk, DND is controlled by dialing: *78 to turn on Do Not Disturb mode and *79 to turn off Do Not Disturb mode

voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … ot+Disturb


*78 and *79 is just a code that the phone see’s and sends the proper message over to the server.

It seems you have an issue with your file system. It may be a permissions issue.