Divert a caller to a mobile

I have a problem, when a call on the PBX, IVR has a choice that I should connect to a mobile phone number. But I do not understand how to configure it, can you help me? The incoming trunk is working properly, the secretariat works well, if you call a mobile phone from an extension that works … call forwarding it does not work. Where you can be the error?

There is nothing special about a mobile number, except for what you impose on Asterisk in your customisation.

By divert, do you mean relay, or do you mean transfer (and drop out of the call). You cannot transfer dahdi and most other technologies other than SIP.

If this is dahdi, do you have enough channels to support both incoming and outgoing legs?

excuse, maybe google has mistranslated English what I meant. I try to explain. The asteroid is composed as follows:
1- A phone number as a trunk sip
2- Inbound from that number with IVR destination
3- Ivr 1 choice voicemail
4- IVR choice 2 misc destination towards mobile number
Caller and press the 2 key IVR must be connected in some way to the phone. In Italian it says call transfer, but maybe I’m wrong concept

Misc destination it is a FreePBX concept, If you are using Asterisk from scratch post the CLI output