Disconnect problem

I have installed asterisk version 1.2.17 and zaptel 1.2.14. i have a problem with the disconnect line. when the call come from pstn to the digium card (analog card fxo) and talk to some sip phone. During the conversation the line was cut. and during the call, it has some noise occur the middle of the call . Anyone have a suggestion ?

Thank you,

friend many reasons could be there, i gave u some tips…
1st u also update ur ztconfig.h and make some echo related settings in it like define AGGRESSIVE SUPPRESSIVE uncomment this. and some more tunings. also do echocanceller yes in zapata.conf so it can help out to make the voice quality better.

also update ur asterisk into asterisk 1.4 package. let me know ur results.


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Disable ‘busydetect’ and ‘callprogress’ in zapata.conf if they are enabled.