Disable second line (call waiting)

We are using asterisk 1.2.24…
I need to disable the second line to all the extensions, or disable the call waiting feature. Is this possible?

And the phone is???

x-lite 3.0

You can probably use call-limit option in sip.conf to restrict the number of simultaneous calls for the peers you want to limit.

the main idea is to have some extensions logged to a queue and dont receive simultaneous calls on each extension. actually, if my extension is with line 1 in use and logged to the queue, when a new call is redirected to the queue, the line 2 of my extension rings… i need that when the line 1 of my extension is occupied, the next extension in queue catch the next call… not my line 2… is this possible?

Yes should be possible, as davevg told you, you have to set the call-limit and busy-limit for every sip friend in sip.conf; for a customer who is using queues to manage incoming calls I use call-limit=2 and busy-limit=1; I’m not sure if it works in 1.2.x because I used this settings only in 1.4.x boxes.


Marco Bruni