DISA doesnt ask for password

Hi all. I am trying to figure out how to set DISA in my asterisk 1.4. I have other box with freepbx and this is easier but I can not do the same in my asterisk box.
I have this code but when I call 889 I get dial tone and asterisk doesnt ask for password…


cli show this:

Executing [889@default:1] DISA(“SIP/201-00000018”, “2345|default”) in new stack

What can be wrong?


Hi techmike!

I’m using this:


exten => 000,2,DISA(/etc/asterisk/passwords/pass.txt)


;password|context 1234|local-call 112233|in-house-call-profile 567890|world-call-profile
And it works great for me!

Then you can have different pass codes accessing different context!

Hope this can be useful for you!