DISA authentication question

Hi everyone.

I have a disa configured. the config i have is:

exten => x,1,Answer
exten => x,2,Wait(2)
exten => x,3,DISA(no-password|Local)

x is of course the caller id number.

and of course there is no authentication here.

what i want is for it to use your caller id as an authentication method, and have the caller id numbers stored in a text file, maybe in /etc/asterisk/passwords.txt

is this possible, if so please specify in what format should i have the numbers in the passwords.txt

thanks so much

What something like.
the callerid numbers are kept in the astdb you will need to change the CALLERIDNUM to CALLERID(num)

exten => 567,1,Answer ; Answer the line exten => 567,2,set(passkey=${DB(auth_user/${CALLERIDNUM})}) exten => 567,3,Authenticate(${passkey}) exten => 567,4,SetAccount(${CALLERIDNUM}) exten => 567,5,Goto(ivr,s,1)

Sorry this didn’t work.


Well it wont as it is, you need to ammend it to your requiremnts and add the entries to the database, But yes it does work and is used extensively on all my sites.