Directory download to SIP phone

On my Alcatel hard phone (not sip), I can consult PABX directory.

On each Asterisk softphone (ekiga, xlite) , I need to add by hand all the users and facilities.

I can use Directory function to search someone, but it’s not The solution.

Polycom SIP Phone can upload a directory using tftp ?

Has anyone used a free softphone with this function ?

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For Polycom you can create a directory for each phone or a global for all phones. I believe if someone adds a contact to their directory on the phone it can be pushed up and added to the directory on the tftp/ftp server.

ekiga can use LDAP directory !
Probably my solution.

But, how to synchronise LDAP and Asterisk ???
Did some one tried :
LDAPget application module for the Asterisk PBX

And what about Windows SIP softphones ?