Direct pc to asterisk call


I’m want my asterisk to answer direct SIP calls without voip provider, but asterisk ignores the incoming invite.

To test it I use the googletalk SIP gateway to call me over the internet:
CALL me@my_dyndns_name

In Wireshark I can see the invite, but asterisk does not answer…
The invite looks OK comparing to an incoming invite from a voip provider.

My sip.conf section is as basic as this:

What is wrong here?


I think for that you will need to allow anonymous inbound sip calls
Not really smart on box open to the net.

Google it

yes I think that is it

but google returns only on how to do it with FreePBX, what I do not have…

how to code it in the sip.conf?

I Think it would be in the globals.conf file not real sure you should do a search at

further work:

when I call asterisk from my lan with a not registered softphone, the call gets processed!
so I enabled debugging and made a call via the googletalk sip gateway: no signs of it in the log,
but I can see the invite in tcpdump: looks like a firewall problem but then again I can receive calls via my voip provider,

I opened up the firewall to be sure, and it works…

sorry guys and girls, it was no asterisk problem
thanks for looking