Direct Media issues in 13.18

After cloneing an asterisk box and upgrading the clone to Ubuntu 18 and the asterisk release that comes with its repo (13.18.3) I have noticed that Media is now being proxied.
I have confirmed I do not have this problem with 13.17.2 but I do with 13.18.x.

Has something changed in the 13.18 release where I need to make an extra config change?
Is this is known issue that was fixed in a future release?
13.14 - 13.17.2


Asterisk 13 is unsupported, and 13.18 is doubly unsupported. It is entirely possible that something was subsequently fixed, but unless someone goes back through history for you or knows immediately then there is no absolute answer.

You should obtain your support from the Ubuntu packager.

Ok fair enough. What would be the recommended major release given I need to retain chan_sip for now to avoid rewriting the entire UI.
Is see this module is ‘depreciated’ in release 17 but i don’t entirely know what that means.

Current supported versions along with their timeframes are documented on the wiki[1]. Deprecated means that it is deprecated, it remains in Asterisk but has been replaced with something else. It has to be explicitly enabled in menuselect to be built.

[1] Asterisk Versions - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

“Deprecated” means that you are advised to use a replacement.

In practical terms, it means that it will not be built, unless you modify the build options, and will not be loaded, unless you modify modules.conf. It also tends to imply that bugs won’t be fixed, but, in practice, it was already only community supported, with no current maintainer, so it was already unlikely to get fixed.

Loading by default was disabled by default from Asterisk 17 (although that wasn’t a long term stable version and I think is no longer supported. It still loads by default in 16, however, I think it doesn’t build by default in later Asterisk 16 sub-versions.

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