Digium TE122

I’m planing to buy some Digium cards which I use for a small Call-Center. Before I buy them, I would like to know if any Digium TE122 card can support the features:
1- Detect silence during conversation
2- Detect hook flash during conversation
The purpose is I want to stop the call if the calling or called party using third party call.
Would someone help me please?
Thank you!

Please help!


I think you are getting confused here.

A card is a card it does not control callflow.

As to you questions , all this can be handled by the dialplan.


Hi Lan,
I’m new to Asterisk. Could you please help me how to handle this in Dial plan?
Thank you,

No one here will do the work for you. If you think that an Asterisk system will create itself, you are mistaken :wink:

As far as I can see you have 2 options:

  1. Hire an Asterisk engineer that will set up an Asterisk server to your desires

  2. RTFM :smile: