Digium T1 & QSIG

I currently have a Comdial phone system that I’m trying to link with an Asterisk PBX (TrixboxCE, to be exact). The card is the Digium TE121, a single-port T1 PRI card. The card links fine, and I can set up dialing rules and dial between the two, have calls routed, etc. Unfortunately, due to some limitations in the Comdial system, the number of digits you have to dial is extremely large - for a 10 digit phone number, there are three or four additional digits that need to be dialed on the VoIP side in order for the Comdial system to route it properly (mostly due to the DISA configuration). The Comdial FXII-Expansion system that I’m using supports a feature called Networking that’s supposed to allow you to connect multiple systems together. While this is mostly only intended to work with other Comdial systems, there is a Networking as QSIG Node option that allows for the use of standard QSIG signalling with non-Comdial systems.

So, my question is this: how can I enable QSIG on the T1 card that I’m using so that Asterisk with pass QSIG information off to the Comdial system? I saw a couple of examples for QSIG on H323 trunks, but nothing obvious for the T1 lines.