Digium D70 side bar status lights

I’m setting up some Digium phones, and have the side bar working (with blf XML file and contacts XML file working). However, all the status lights are dark. Despite setting the “indicators” to be green on idle, and red when on_the_phone…they don’t light up.

I am unable to use the DPMA module since I’m tied down to a version of asterisk that can’t be “asterisk certified”. So these are all configured manually via cfg files and XML files.

I have a hunch that something must be setup in asterisk to send back or monitor the state of these other phones and present that information to the D70.

Below is a segment of my BLF showing indicators:

            <blf_item location="side" index="1" paging="1" contact_id="2171">
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="on_the_phone" press_action="call_vm" press_function="dial" />
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="idle" press_action="regular_dial" press_function="dial" />
                    <behavior phone_state="idle" target_status="idle" long_press_action="anintercom" long_press_function="dial" />
                    <indicator target_status="idle" ring="0" led_color="green" led_state="on"/>
                    <indicator target_status="on_the_phone" led_color="red" led_state="on"/>

And the contacts file XML segment:

                <action id="primary" dial="2171" dial_prefix="" label="Extension" name="Office" />
                <action id="send_to_vm" dial="2171" dial_prefix="" label="Voicemail" name="Dial Voicemail">
                        <header key="X-Digium-Call-Feature" value="feature_send_to_vm" />
                        <header key="Diversion" value="&lt;sip:%_ACCOUNT_USERNAME_%@%_ACCOUNT_SERVER_%:%_ACCOUNT_PORT_%&gt;;reason=&quot;send_to_vm&quot;" />

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.


There’s no subscribe_to parameter for the contact. And, you’ll want to make sure that the contacts to which you wish to perform subscriptions are in a contacts-defined group_name that’s matched by the phone blf_contact_group setting.


Do you also have to configure a “hint” in the dialplan? In the help file it says none DPMA configurations require a dialplan hit:

I added the subscribe_to, and it didn’t work. Do you have to have hints in the dialplan? This page says non DPMA configs must specify a hint.


Adding the hint game me a green light, but no red lights on_the_phone. Two steps forward, one step back. I’ll keep plugging away.

If anyone is curious (since this was a hard answer to find), you have to add some entries to the sip.conf for each phone your monitoring. I had to add:


To get it working. It works now.

Do you get RED lights on the SIDE BAR on the D70? I’m only getting green.

I did yes. I had to include the hints in the dialplan. Such as:

exten => 2171,hint,SIP/2171
exten => 2172,hint,SIP/2172