Digium Cards Keep Rearranging Themselves Upon Reboot

I have 2 TDM100p cards and a TDM2400. Each time I reboot, the cards get loaded in a different order. IE Card 0 is span 1, card 1 is span 2, card 2 is span 3. After a reboot, card 0 becomes span 2, card 1 becomes span 1, etc.

I have to keep going into my zap config and changing span numbers to match what zttool is showing.

This is very annoying and during a power outage would require a reconfig to keep the system running.

Any ideas why this happens and any way to stop it or force the cards to load in a certain order?

if it’s any consolation, I have the exact same problem. I"ve emailed digium a couple days ago and have not recieved a response back yet. I"ve tried to force the cards to load in a certain order via udev, but I cannot find any specific info from udevinfo to key on so that idea failed ;(


What I’ve found is if I reboot again, the cards load in the correct order.

Still, to me this is a bug.