Different USERAGENT for each Trunk

Pardon me, but I’ve searched and searched this forum about this, but to no avail.

[size=134]I’m subscribed to a couple SIP provider that checks the useragent,
I guess they want their subscriber to not use any other device other than theirs.

I know that useragent can be set globally in sip.conf, but
Is there a way I can force a different useragent for every trunks in asterisk?

I have asterisk 1.2.5, I’m not sure this is addressed already in the newer version.

Please advise.[/size][/color]


anybody out there knows, definitely would like to know if this is possible.

try set useragent= for each peer? also try upgrading to latest 1.2? if this doesnt work then perhaps its not supported… not sure really shrug

[color=darkblue]I have asterisk 1.2.5
I tried that already, setting useragent for each peer, did a restart, does not work.
verified it by checking the SIP traffic, the useragent it uses is still the global useragent in the sip.conf.

also typed in "sip show peer " in the CLI… useragent is blank.

Anybody out there know?[/color]


anybody knows if this is possible?