Different sounds for "Called" and "ringing"

Is there a way to give an audible cue for when the call got through and the recipient’s phone actually started ringing?

By default, the behaviour is suboptimal: the caller sits in total silence while the call is getting through, wondering if they’ve even dialed it correctly, or is nothing going on. this can take several seconds. When the recipient’s phone started ringing, they hear the normal “beeps”.

There is an option to play “music-on-hold” or regular beeps right away. This is even worse: the user can not perceive when the recipient’s phone started ringing, meaning they will usually cancel the call right when it finally got through and started ringing.

Is there a way to play a specific file (“Connecting, please wait…”) or at least the usual “music-on-hold” right after dialing, and change it to regular beeps when “…is ringing” response is received?

Playing a specific file requires the network support early media. If these calls are arriving over a paid network, e.g. the PSTN, it is almost certain that early media willl not be supported, as the sound could just as easily be a recored information service.

I think it might be more useful to investigate why there is a delay in providing an alerting status. Even over SIP (and you did not say you were using SIP) it should not take much longer than a normal pubic network call, and is likely to be significantly shorter than a mobile originated call.

Note that, with VoIP, the preferred way of generating ringback tone is in the phone; there simply isn’t a way to request normal SIP phones to generate a call progress tone before ringback.

I’m not sure that Dial actually stops tones, so Playtones might work if you have early media .

The above makes assumptions about:

Channel technology
Whether ringback is sent as early media or a status
How the incoming and outgoing callers are connected.
Whether the call is prematurely answered.
Support for early media…

We’re using SIP, yes. And yes, the delay is not much greater than with a “normal phone”, and probably even shorter than a cellphone!.. So the default behaviour is probably the best indeed.

Most our users are connected with an analog phone behind a VoIP gateway, so playing music-on-hold to them is not a problem. I just wanted to stop playing music-on-hold and start playing simulated beeps (or a different music-on-hold) once “ringing” is received. Seems like that’s not possible, is it?..

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