Suggestion wanted

I need to know best way to accomplish following: receive to my asterisk machine calls from a proxy that forks calls to other destination as well as to asterisk.
I need just to send ringback tone and only after 90 seconds answer call and play a message.
I thought something like this


Is there a better approach?

Should be Playback

Normally anything that forks a call will not forward early media, so I don’t see the point of calling Progress, instead of Ringing. If you do call Progress, I think you need to use Playtones to cause the ringback tone to be sent.

From the first error, you clearly haven’t tried this, which would be the first thing to do.

“proxy” suggest you are using SIP. Asterisk not limited to SIP and did not start out as a SIP PABX.

I tried, but was not working because i didn’t use WAIT.
Anyway… Thanks for reply.

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