[Different IP for Voice and Signaling]

Hi All,
A costumer wants me to do signaling and Voice on two different VLAN’s.
Basically he will gave me two IP’s one for signaling and other for Voice.
So my question is how can i accomplish that in asterisk,how can asterisk send signaling and voice on two different IP’s.


You will have to do that in the OS routing and firewall tables. However, I’m not sure that Asterisk will work out the correct address to put in the SDP.

Thansk David, I always get my answer in single post , Thanks Alot Asterisk team.
One more think SDP information is not an issue, i mean that costumer will sent in its Initial INVITE,
I am assuming that asterisk will understand the SDP advertised Media IP and signaling IP’s.

Best Regards
Bilal Abbasi.

It will understand the SIP provided signalling IP and the SDP provided media IP in incoming requests and responses. The potential issue is with the outgoing ones.