Diferent numbers with same username and password

Hi all!

I use asterisk Version 13 for my company.

Recently I have a problem with my sip provider!

I ordered 7 numbers, and they give me, 7 numbers with the same user name and password!

I have created the DIDS in Vicidial with no problems, and added the numbers in asterisk database with this query “insert into ps_registrations (id, transport, outbound_auth, server_uri, client_uri, contact_user)” but this only for the first because of duplicated ID, for the other 6 I use the number in ID.

Now, my problem is, that when i call any of the 7 numbers, the only DID that is called is the first, even when I look at “Click here to see a list of recordings and calls for this DID“, the only with results is the first one!

May some one help me with this issue please.

Thanks in advance.

That table doesn’t sound right for Asterisk Realtime Architecture, so I suspect it is part of ViciDial, not Asterisk.

How does the ITSP expect you to distinguish between the different "DID"s?

Thanks for the answer.

That’s the problem !

I told them that this is not the scenario I need, but they keep telling that this is OK !! :frowning:

So definitely there is nothing I can do from my side ?!

The “how do” question wasn’t rhetorical. Only if you tell us what information the ITSP needs can we tell you how to configure Asterisk to provide it. Note answers here are likely to be using sip.conf in Asterisk, not any Vicidial facility.

Sorry for the misplaced question, and thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

I believed that it was a combined problem but i solved it modifying something in extensions.conf.

Thanks anyway!