DID through trunk and FXO Port

Hello Everyone, I have a little problem I am trying to solve. I have two servers, A and B connected by IAX2 trunk, Server B(it’s a different city than server A) and has a 4 FXO ports card to allow users from server A to make local calls in the location where Server B is, the problem is the following, someone with number 772xxxxxxx calls Server A(which transfer the call to server B), then the call go through one of the FXO port and call the desired phone, the problem is that instead of showing in the caller id the number 772xxxxxxx, the number that shows is the number from the FXO line that the call goes through, is there a way to solve this issue and show the number 772xxxxxxx.

772xxxxxxx is just an example as a number that is located where server A is.

Assuming the other side of the FXO is a public network, find a disreputable public network operator, or prove to your network operator that you own 772xxxxxxx (which doesn’t seem to be the case here). Alternatively, become your country’s equvalent of a licensed network operator.

Doing what you suggest opens up opportunities for fraud, including eavesdropping on voicemail boxes.