DID problem with DAHDI and B410P

I successfully installed and configured a quad BRI card B410P - but whenever a call approaches, from the asterisk’s CLI I see that the DID that is passed from DAHDI is wrong - the leading zero is stripped. I tried to put a rule for incoming calls, and it wasn’t matched until I deleted the leading “0”. This is a major problem, since all local landlines number start with “0”, and therefore I can’t setup any LCR properly.
Is there any setting that I have to look into to avoid this annoyance?


That sounds normal. ISDN numbers are sent as a number type and the relevant digits. If you have national or international types presented, you won’t get the long distance access digit. You need to use a suitable context and insert the digit, if you need that.

You need to set the prefixes for national and international numbers in the correct configuration file.

I for instance use a Sangoma card, and have to add in the smg_bri.conf file the following lines:

Then I get the correct numbers passed (with leading zero’s).

You probably have to add it in chan_dahdi.conf or similar. Probably there is a sample configuration of the prefixes, but it will be commented out.

Hope this helps !

Hi marco,
can you please post me your config files?
i can’t dial or receive any call with my b410p using dahdi.