DID Porting


Can we use DID porting on Asterisk, so that whenever someone calls to a DID say A, the call must be ported (redirected) using “302 Moved Temporarily” and the DID B must be reached.

If it is yes to the above question, in the call, will DID A’s channel is participated or just the DID B’s channel with the caller is participated.

Simply, i dont need DID A anymore participating in this play. Just want to Connect Caller to DID B without his/her knowledge.

Let me explain it here if i am not clear

Caller—>DID A—> 302 Moved Temporarily—> Caller —>DID B

Many Thanks

By DID, I assume you mean SIP trunk.

See the Transfer application. This will send status 302 provided both parties are SIP connected and the call hasn’t been locally answered. After answer it will use a different means of transferring the call, which is less well supported.