DID Forwarding from Asterisk BoxA to BoxB


Good day!
I’m currently working on this project called OTRS Asterisk Integration Module
link: http://ip-lab.ru/pim_en.html

Now this module is effective if i’m using only 1 Asterisk box that is directly connected to my PTSN as DID will show on my Asterisk box.

Problem is, my setup is designed like this:
Asterisk BoxA( - Main
Asterisk BoxB( - PTSN Gateway

Now i’m routing inbound external call in Asterisk BoxB to BoxA via IAX2. But DID is not being forwarded.

Does anyone know how to forward the DID from my BoxB to BoxA?

You specify it in the Dial string when calling as the dialed extension.

Hi @jcolp,

Thanks for your response.
Im sorry I didn’t get what you mean. Can you be more specific?

When you Dial something you use a Dial line in extensions.conf. The DID can be specified there as the extension that is dialed on the remote server.

Without actual logs/configuration I can only answer in general terms.

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Hi @jcolp,

Please see my setup below:

  1. I have 2 Asterisk PBX:
    AsteriskPBX1( - Main VOIP which house all of my device and user extensions.
    AsteriskPBX2( - PTSN Gateway(Inbound and outbound)

  2. AsteriskPBX1 and AsteriskPBX2 are interconnected via IAX2 trunk.

  3. AsteriskPBX2 is receiving call from PTSN provider using inbound route 4857889. Then routed to AsteriskPBX1 using MISC APPLICATION dial *#7175.

  4. Upon forwarding of call from AsteriskPBX2 to AsteriskPBX1, DID information of the inbound external call from PTSN is not there anymore.

I tried below method to forward DID information:

In AsteriskPBX1, created an IAX trunk called anon:

Then in AsteiskPBX2, created a custom extension 1717:

Then still in AsteriskPBX2, in inbound route. Directed DID 4857889 inbound external calls to custom extension 1717:


  1. If I called number 4857889, it will ring 3 times before returning busy. Call is not successful.


Anyone who can help me out on this?

Anybody who is knowledgeable on this matter? Thank you in advance.

You’re using a GUI, one that is likely unfamiliar to people or uncommon. We generally don’t do GUIs here as they control things, so lack of responses probably reflect that.

Hi @jcolp,

I appreciate your feedback.
Im not inclined in modifying the the dial plan config file, that is why.

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