Dialplan with only numeric digits in it

Do I understand Dial Plans correctly, such that a Dial Plan with only the digits ‘3333’ in it, would mean that only those digits could be dialed and routed through this Dial Plan?


Yes. But the question is so obvious that I think I’m missing something, so please say why you asked.

I’m trying to interface a SIP-based PBX (not Asterisk-based) into MS Exchange UM. I found an article that showed the configuration for Trixbox/Asterisk to do this. But it’s been so many years since I’ve done anything with Asterisk that I wanted to make sure that I was remembering/understanding how the dial plans worked. I know this sounded awfully simplistic, but it’s been nearly at least 10 years since I last looked closely at Asterisk.

I didn’t see how the answer could be anything but what I thought it was, but I’m not one to ever overlook getting input from someone else, just to make absolute sure.

I appreciate the super-quick reply to my question.


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