Dialplan Record funtion not appending (solved)

I am trying to use the dialplan function “Record” to retrieve some information from the user, the record function keeps overwriting the existing sound file, something I am doing wrong? Asterisk 13.2.0:

exten => s,1,NoOp()
        same => n,Answer()
        same => n,Playback(ivr/step3/step3-1/tell-us-your-location)
        same => n,Record(/data/asterisk/${UNIQUEID}.wav,2,0,a)
        same => n,Playback(ivr/step3/step3-1/tell-us-your-name)
        same => n,Record(/data/asterisk/${UNIQUEID}.wav,2,0,a)

Just keeps overwriting the original file so all I get is the last recording?

Appears to have been a bug in Asterisk 13.20, after upgrading to latest version of Asterisk (13.32) issue is resolved.

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