Dialplan, invite an RTSP stream extension

Hi, i’m running an extra app app_rtsp, it injects an rtsp stream, so when i call 666 with dialplan below, i can see the actual RTSP stream!! working great , to actual view cameras from a softphone…

exten = 666,1,Answer()
same = n,Wait(1)
same = n,RTSP-SIP(rtsp://admin:xxxx@,0,Hikvision,5060)
same = n,Wait(10)
same = n,Hangup()

Now, what i want to accomplish
I have user 6000 and 6001
When user 6000 calls to 6001 , when 6001 picksup, 6001 needs to see the RTSP stream…
Is that possible?

Thnx in advance

you need to contact the developer of that 3-party module, and ask where that is possible or not

But if i use maybe the PAGE or ORIGINATE app,

can i make that then 666 join with that RTSP stream? so no need to modify in the code

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