Dialplan for days holidays

Hello everybody,

I have a purpose like that:
in my dialplan there are some days for public holidays and for the private holidays. Actually I have to change the dialplan for every holidays.
So my question is:
How should I process if I would like put in advance the date of holiday for example 25 december or 01 january and then I don’t have to modify my diaplan every changement.
The timing is also 09H to 19H and monday to saturday.
I already use gotoiftime
If someone has any suggestions about how should I writing my dialplan, it is very helpful

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One way would be to store a list of the holidays inside of the internal Asterisk database using the DB functions, then loop through this list for matches each time a call enters your dialplan.

There is also some external calendaring integration, for example with iCal formats – see samples/configs/calendar.conf.sample in the Asterisk source tree.

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