Dialplan command SHELL or SYSTEM

Iam using
Asterisk 16.2.1~dfsg-1+deb10u2 built by nobody @ buildd.debian.org on a unknown running Linux on 2020-08-26 22:53:40 UTC

and want to use command SYSTEM or SHELL
both not working “…No application ‘SYSTEM’ for extension (extensions_…”

Do I have to load an special module for this?

I want to copy an file
exten => 777,n,Set(Shellcommand001=cp ${filename_test} 1.gsm)
exten => 777,n,NoOP(Shellcommand001: ${Shellcommand001})
;exten => 777,n,SHELL(${Shellcommand001})


SHELL isn’t an application; it’s a function.

Strictly speaking it is System, but, although functions have to match on case, I don’t believe applications have to.

System will require app_system to be loaded, which would be the case if you used the suggested modules.conf.

${SHELL()} will require func_shell to be loaded, also normally the case.

Hi, thanks.
autload was no and I add load = app_system.so.

exten => 777,n,NoOP(Shellcommand001: ${Shellcommand001})
exten => 777,n,system(${Shellcommand001})

is working

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