Can't execute System or TrySystem

Hello, everyone

I’m trying to execute a system command from asterisk and it doesn’t work:

This is what I see in CLI:
– Executing System(“SIP/1111-230b”, “echo cool”) in new stack
Jul 28 17:44:29 ERROR[5712]: pbx.c:1380 ast_func_read: Function system not registered

This is the extension in the dialplan:
exten=>*11,1,System(echo cool)

Asterisk I installed it from repository (I use Kubuntu Dapper Drake). module is loaded. What am I doing wrong?

Nobody has this problem? Or I’m asking something that stupid?

what happens when you do a ‘show application system’ on the CLI

Thanks for your reply.
Mysteriously error has been partially resolved.
I could getting working by starting asterisk like this:
asterisk -cvvv

*CLI> – Executing System(“SIP/1111-19e4”, “echo cool”) in new stack

After this manipulation, error has been gone. However, when I stopped asterisk and started it again from the startup scripts, I couldnt get the actual output of echo:

*CLI> – Executing System(“SIP/1111-19e4”, “echo cool”) in new stack
<— Here there is no “cool”

Not sure if it is normal behavior.

Try increasing verbosity level.