Dialing to DAHDI/g1

hi all:
iam using my asterisk box in termination ,as asterisk receive calls and dial out through DAHDi,
i confgured group 1 to be from 1-24 fxo ports , so when calls are dial out to dahdi ,usually calls start from port number 1 and if port 1 is busy call will go to number 2 ,then same as for 3 ,4 … .etc ,so i need to find a way to not let calls start every time from port 1 , i want to make them once start at port 1 once to port at port 2 ,and once to start at port 3 etc… ,that’s what iam planning to but i dont know if its really works in asterisk ,any help will be appreciated .

Why. There are actually advantages at starting from one end, as long as you make sure that the PSTN operator starts from the other end.

as am using for termination purpose tdm is connected to analoge gsm gateway ,by this way i can guarantee that sim’s balance will be almost equal to each other on all ports in case i did what iam planing for ,in my current situation port 1-2-3 always will have very low balance than other sims , i think you’ll able to understand me now .

I think you will need to forget the group and access the circuits individually, using dialplan code to do the hunting.

With your taking up so much of the base station capacity, I would have thought the cell phone operator would want you to make the T1 connection to them, directly, rather than over the air interface.