Dialing out Pots line

I have dial 9 for outside line. Have a digium card connecting one to vonage (port 4) and one to normal pots line (port 3). I can get incoming calls but outgoing calls are not working.

I pick up my standard phone (connected to digium port 1) and get a dial tone. Press 9 and I do not hear a tone any longer. I dial the rest of the number and in the end I get a busy or network busy signal (not sure which one) but in the log it shows congested even though there are no lines in use. The other end is not busy either. I have been dialing my cell phone for testing. I can also ring local extenstions from the phone on port one to the phone on port 2 and vice versa.

Any ideas what I am missing?



I think it could be a setting in zapata.conf. Try immediate=no

sounds like a dialplan issue IMHO. I think that whatever you are dialing is not matching anything in the dialplan. check that whatever context you have the zap channel in is actually looking for a 9 and that it is all setup, if that doesn’t help paste the relevant parts of your extensions.conf and zapata.conf…

Thanks for the input everyone! I got it sorted out. I had zapscan running and so it added entries for my ports at the bottom of my zapata and made my ports useless for outgoing. I decided to do it all over again (this time without the zapscan being called) and rewrote all of my configs. It is all working now.

I set up 1 pots line, 1 vonage, and 2 iax2 for toll free calls so I dont tie up the other 2 all the time. Added 4 wired phone extensions and a couple sip clients. Works great.

Thanks again!