Dialing from different phones but asking for a password

Hello. Thank you very much in advance for your kindly support.
The problem is as follows: Several users within our area need to dial from different physical IP phones, but entering a password to access their dialing plan. Is it possible to a registered user in Asterisk to dial from a IP phone that is not his IP phone using a password, and to register that he used (or made a call) from a different phone?.
To clarify what we need to do:
User John Doe goes to Jane Doe’s office and use her IP phone to dial, but entering his password so Asterisk can understand that the outside caller is the registered user John Doe and not Jane Doe.
Is it possible to do?.. please we need help!!!


Mario N. Lema.

In one of my projects - user could type its “username/callerid” and password. Then I replace caller ID and then everything is like user calls from its original phone.
Username and passwords are in DB. Of course username and password are only digits.