Dial Plan configuration

Hello everyone!!! I would like to know if it is possible to have my users dial local calls by just dialing the 10 digit number. Then to dial an extensions some other way. Is that possible or do you always have to dial 9 to dial out on a Sipura 3000?

Almost evererything is possible wih Asterisk.
It depends from your dialplan.
You can dial 10 digit number, and this number as is could be transmited to appropriate destination.
Meaning - our sity numbers start with 02. Every call which starts with 02 - will be directly forwarded to our local partner.
Every call wich starts with 00 - to voipjet (after some modifications ofcource).
You can add extensions like 9.(nine point) etc - to avoid sity code.
You can add extension 9 (only nine) to allow users to dodial or to ask them for scratch card or what elseā€¦

Now if you dial 9 for an extension, what would happen if you had to dial 911?
Thanks for your response,