Dial Plan Asterisk URA

I’m trying to make an auto attend menu on the Asterisk that will work that way:

1° the telephone calls 2 times, them the asterisk attend, waits 2 seconds and plays the mensage, after the mensage ends, it plays a “beepâ€



i think you didnt get many responses because of the non-english comments…

but if i get you right you want it to play the message, then wait 4 seconds to see if the caller dials something, and if not then continue, yes?

if so try WaitExten(4). that will wait for 4 seconds while listning for an extension to dial

set(TIMEOUT(digit)) only changes the digit timeout value. Digit timeout is if you start dialing a multi digit extension, how long Asterisk will wait to see if another digit is coming. This is useful if you have different length extensions, but it has a default value so it doesnt need to be set unless you want to change it.

Hope that helps!