Dial pattern problem


The call format is 011+1+phonenum,I want to user only dial the phonenum to call.So I configure dial pattern is 0111+X…But I find from CLI that asterisk still dial out the phonenum not 0111+phonenum.What’s wrong with me?Thanks !
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is this an A@H setup ? where are you setting this prefix up ? does it work properly if you set the number of digits in the phone number, rather than use X. ?


yes, I am using AAH


[quote=“david0982”]yes, I am using AAH[/quote] are you going to answer the other questions ?


sorry,I set the value by AMP.The value of DIAL PATTERNS is 0111+X…It can work.When I set X…, it can work.


using AMP you add prefixes in Dial Rules for the Trunk. big difference.