Dial Plan Audio Codes 430HD

Hello Asterisk Support,
I’m trying to config dial plan on my audio codes 430 hd (the dial play is , if you call a 7 number digit add prefix 08).
i called audio codes support wont help me unless i register and pay for their support, tried every user manual of audio codes no word about how to apply it.

if someone here uses audio codes 430HD (asterisk) and know please help me

its urgent as client suffers without it

Please someone help

I have customer who needs it badly, and says cant work without.

still waiting for an answer , im sure at least one person uses this phone with asterisk


Why don’t you add the prefix in asterisk?
I have some audiocode product and I don’t think the dialplan can do that.

Cause its a tenant on MT pbx, otherwise you are right i would prefix it from pbx.

if you have audiocodes can you please help me or ask audiocodes support about it???

please help


The customer is on Multi-tenant pbx that why i cant do it from pbx.

can you please help me? contact audiocodes support(they want help unless you buy audiocodes) and my client move to me with the telephone

please help


I got this reply for audiocoses :
"Digit Map* Enables the ISP to predefine possible formats (or patterns) for the dialed
number. A match to one of the defined patterns terminates the dialed
number. An ‘x’ in the pattern indicates any digit. ‘;’ separates between
Example: ‘10x;05xxxxxxxx;4xxx’.
In this example, 3 patterns are defined. A number that starts with 10 is
terminated after the 3rd digit and so on. If the user dials a number that does
not match any pattern, the number is terminated using the timeout or when
the user presses the pound (‘#’) key.

Dial Plan* This parameter works in conjunction with the Digit Map and enables
translation of specific patterns to specific SIP destination addresses. An ‘x’
represents any dialed digit. Each backslash at the right side of the ‘=’
represents one of the dialed digits.
Example: '4xxx=Line_\@
This rule issues a call to with the SIP ID of Line_ followed by the
last 3 digits of the dialed number."

i want every number that starts with 2-9xxxxxx (starts with 2-9 followed with 6 digits) will automatically prefix 08 will be added.

on digit map i did :
but on dial plan : i dont understand what rule do i need in order for any 7 digits number that starts with 2-9 will be automatically will add prefix 08 to it.

please please please help

its urgent for one of my customers



please help

From the audio codes manual, it seems that the dialplan that they use doesn’t allow to add a prefix, so the users don’t have to dial it.

The client will have to use the device as it is or buy a new one. Maybe in later firmware update audio codes support something like that but for the time being in their manuals don’t support such a function.