Dial out with * on called number

Hi All,

I have a SPA3102 trunk configured on my asterisk box. However, I want to be able to dial out using a number that starts with an “*”… This allows me to cancel out my caller id. Is this possible?

if I do Dial(SIP/10000/,120) this works… However, my callee will get a “Blocked Number” as caller.

If I do Dial(SIP/10000/*82,120) this gives me a busy tone instantly… I need the *82 prefixed to the number so the callee will see my phone number instead of “Blocked Number”.

Not sure if this has any effect, but I’ve changed both my features.conf to
pickupexten = 88
disconnect => 00

and agents.conf to

Solved the problem… Had to be set with the right Dialplan.