Dial function with REFER message


Can I use the Dial Application to transfer call to another phone as the Transfer application does? Currently The Transfer Application works, but I need to redirect call to a number of phones with music on hold and generally control all the process.
When I use The Dial Application, I do not see any REFER message in the history log, so the redirection does not work. The provider asked me to check if I can redirect calls with a REFER message.

It sounds as if you’d want to do something like an attended transfer once answered, which is not supported.

I’m not sure that I really understand why you think that Dial might ever issue REFER but, as already indicated, standard Asterisk can only initiate SIP transfers with 302 final responses (pre-answer) and simple REFER (post answer). It cannot originate a REFER/Replaces transfer on a bridged call.

I think you need to more clearly describe your goals, rather than talk in terms of REFER. That way we may be able to suggest an alerrnative approach.

Thank you for your advice, the provider will change the settings.

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