Dial fails on Digium D60 when SIP is manually configured

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I’ve got this strange problem. When manually configuring SIP-account on D60 I can receive calls BUT I cannot dial (external or internal numbers).

However, when provisioning the D60 (000000000000.cfg) with account-setup the dial is working fine?

If I later change the SIP-account (or add another SIP-account) on D60 (from the D60 menu), then I got the same problem (I can receive calls but I cannot dial).

Can somebody point me in the right direction?

From 000000000000.cfg:

account server_uuid=“0” index=“0” status=“1” register=“1” account_id=“21” username=“21” authname=“21” password=“secret” passcode=“secret” visual_voicemail=“0” dial_plan="x.T|*xx.T"
host_primary server=“”

Kind regards, Ole

How did you manually configure the SIP account?

Did you use the phone’s web interface?
Did you use the phone’s built-in user interface?

Are you trying to mix and match configurations? Using the XML provisioning, e.g. MAC.cfg, in addition to the phone’s web interface or built-in user interface, to configure a phone using more than one way, is strongly discouraged. If you’ve done this, I recommend factory defaulting and using one method of configuration only.

What do you mean you cannot dial? Is the phone not registered? Does pressing a dial key do nothing? Are your dial plans / digit mapping just wrong?

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Yes, I was trying to mix XML-provisioning and manually setup. The reason for XML-provisioning was to change some settings (ringtones) not available one built-in user interface or web.

The idea was to make a generally zero-dot-cfg and then each user just have to change their user-id / extension in the SIP-configuration. Instead of creating a lot of MAC.cfg.

After changing the SIP on D60 I also tried to change the dialplan to x.T|*xx.T on web-interface.

Kind regards, Ole

I’d caution against that. Try factory defaulting, create a MAC.cfg (not the zeroes.cfg) configuration file for your phone, and specify your account settings in the .cfg file.

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That might be the outcome/workaround to solve this problem. Thanks malcolmd

No prob. Keep me posted. :slight_smile: