Dial # before entering extension

What is a dialplan syntax that requires callers to press # before entering extensions.


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You are missing an _ and a .

You right did it fast, didnt realize it, it was fast reply

With this string after the user enters #406 they are routed to the dialplan for extension 406, correct?

You mean SIP device ?

Here is an exmaple of a dial plan extensioon

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Here’s what I need to accomplish. When a user calls and direct dials 406 extension 406 rings as it’s built into the dialplan. The issue is that our greeting says “press # and enter the extension”. What I need is when a caller dials #406 exten => 406,1,Dial(SIP/406) is executed.
I understand that in this scenario ${EXTEN:1} represents exten => 406,1,Dial(SIP/406) but the PBX doesn’t dial the extension, I get the below error:
Executing [#406@Main_Menu:2] NoOp(“SIP/101-00000416”, “406”) in new stack
– Auto fallthrough, channel ‘SIP/101-00000416’ status is ‘UNKNOWN’

run sip show peers and also post your configuration using preformatted text option

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You were originally only a given a hint at how to do things. It was assumed that you had some difficulty generalising the examples that come with asterisk (extensions.conf.sample), e.g.:

exten =>; _91700XXXXXXX,1,Dial(IAX2/${GLOBAL(IAXINFO)}@iaxtel.com/${EXTEN:1}@iaxtel)

to the use of “’#” (and PJSIP), but you otherwise knew how to write a dialplan using Dial.

You have now been given a more completely worked example, but to use these forums effectively, you really need to know how to write simple dialplans, as we are not normally going to give you fully tested, worked solutions. We also may not understand the question, and give a solution for the question we thought you were asking; you need to understand enough to recognize when that has happened.

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Thank you for your reply and assistance @david551. I took the example using ‘noop’ provided by @ambiorixg12 followed by a goto Conext,${EXTEN:1},1; and it’s working like a charm. I have dialplans configured for each extension in a separate context. I just need a way to get the extension variable to the context to follow the extensions dialplan. It doesn’t help ease things that I’ve inherited a system using ael but it definitely makes for a fun challenge. Thank you both for your assistance, it has been greatly appreciated

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