Dev/mapper/asterisk-root folder growing out of control

my dev/mapper/asterisk-root folder growing out of control. I inherited the asterisk system when i took on a new job and still a bit of a linux / asterisk newbie. I just checked the log files for the last few weeks and notice it has been slowly growing and almost full filling 198G of 222G. any suggestions on where to start, how to shrink it if i can etc. would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

That will be an OS filesystem handling feature resulting from the way that your predecessor built the system, or from some turnkey packaging of Asterisk, not from Asterisk itself.

You need to find the actual file(s), which is.are probably in /var/log/asterisk (logs or call accounting)) or /var/spool/asterisk (voicemail and voice recordings) in the filesystem that is mounted on you /dev/mapper “device”. What happens next depends on local policies on logging, accounting, recording, etc.

Thank you david55 for your input and direction,I have found the issue with the log files. Now just have to learn how to do a log rotate.