Detect if Insurance Call agent answers then transfer the call to Call Center agent

Hi All,

We are in a situation where our employees have to dial out to billing insurance companies and input the data and then wait long in the queue to connect to the available Insurance agent.

so we have to design a system or any solution which will help us like our solution will automatically dials the insurance number and enters the available entries and then detects if the insurance agent picks up it will transfer the call to the Billing Call Center agent or (our agent).

How can this be automated.

For an automated process you could go with AMI , Local channel and SendDTMF() command

I made something similar take the code as an example and modify it based on your needs

That would only do half the job… The other part is to wait in the queue, then dial an agent whenever the call is picked up from the remote queue.


any guide how to use this

yes the actual part is to transfer the call to Calling Party agent when insurance agent picks up the call.

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