Detect DTMF tones dialed by the called extension

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to do some thing like the following, A call comes in, asterisk sends it to an extension, When extension picks up, he/she talks to the caller and once he identifies the caller, dials *3 followed by a 4 digit identification code for the call which is then stored in the CDR (I was thinking of using SetAccount to store it) for tracking.

I got it to work if I have the caller enter the IDcode(I use Read() to do that.) but I can’t seem to get it working when the called party enters it.

Here’s what I have in my extensions.conf right now:

exten => 112,1,Dial(Zap/2/ww112,20tT)
exten => 112,2,Read(Secret,vm-password,6)
exten => 112,3,NoOp(${Secret})
exten => 112,4,SetAccount(${Secret})
exten => 112,5,Hangup

I have a Wildcard TDM400P (2FXO, 2FXS) card.

Any idea’s on how to get Asterisk to detect the code from the Called Ext? Thanks for the help.

  • Suramya