Delphi & Agi & Asterisk

Hello, I would like to link Aphi by using Delphi program and Agi, can you help. I researched how to do it, but I could not reach the clear result.

You’ll need to provide more details for us to be able to help you effectively. Which part in particular are you having problems with? Just a general understanding of how AGI works? Or with something specific to AGI and Delphi? Or is this just a theoretical “Can AGI connect to Delphi?” type of question?

I want to make Agi connection with Delphi.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Your Delphi application should listen for the output from Asterisk on stdin, and send commands to asterisk on stdout. Error messages can be sent to stderr, but will only be visible in the asterisk console. (Start asterisk with -c and run it in the foreground)

In the dial plan you start your Delphi program using the AGI application, to specify the path to the program. If it resides in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin (Default agi location) you can use a relative path, if not full path must be specified.

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