Dell 2650 w/ 64-bit T-1 card

I have a Dell 2650, which - from the riser PCI shows me 64-bit system. I have a 64-bit card in another system running now I’d like to move it to this one.

I cant seem to install Centos 5 64-bit because:

“Your CPU does not support long mode. Use a 32bit distribution”

I get the same error when I use the asteriskNOW install ISO as 64-bit.

So my question is, if I install a 32-bit operating system - and use a 64-bit CARD (because that’s the only slots available on this server); will that work? Dell 2650 is a pretty common server, is there a compatibility list somewhere ?

-Erich Stein

the pci slot 64bit and OS 64bit have nothing to do with each other. You can have 32bit of one and 64 bit of the other or vice versa - no problems.

The 2650 should work fine for you. I have my install on a 2850 and I know that Digium did a lot of testing of Asterisk Business Edition on 2850’s. The biggest issue is to get the card on its own IRQ slot as it does not like to share with others. In Dell boxes that usually means you need to disable some ports possibly even the on board (or one of the two) NIC’s. Its a matter of a little trial and error, putting the card in a slot, booting into the BIOS settings and checking if the digium card is shared with anything else. If so either disable it if your not using that item (serial port, NIC, etc.), or shutdown and try another port.