[SOLVED] Delay to connect call

Hello everyone!
I established a SIP trunk between a Call Manager and Asterisk 13.
I’m too delay to call Call Manager for Asterisk
After sending the INVITE from the call manager it takes 30 seconds for me to receive the Try from asterisk, where at the moment the extension is called.

Anyone have any idea what it can be? How can I identify the reason for this delay?

Delay on calls could be related to DNS issue

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Set SIP debug on in Asterisk CLI and capture the timestamps to see when Asterisk receives INVITE and sends back 100 TRYING.
Do the same on Call manager and then compare timestamps to figure out where the issue is

Note, to do this properly in Asterisk, use the full log, not a screen scrape.

I think I’m not having a DNS problem.
My communication is all internal.

I can not see the log in real time, or in the full file.

I only see the moment of the connection, and after the delay of 30 seconds the moment of connection to the telephone.

At this interval I can not know anything that happens in asterisk.

Look the debug

This image is when i call by Call Manager to Asterisk.

This image is the continuos… Look the time stamp. After 16:52:53 i have log only 16:53:21. This moment , its ringing on the phone. but I do not see what happens between 52:53 until 53:21 . Almost 30 seconds.


I need the tip to see all trace to understand.

Thx all !!!

Hi all !

The problem really was DNS.
Asterisk depends on the Host name on something in the application.

I was with the “asterisk” entry in my DNS and had the delay.

When I registered “infoasterisk”, which is the host name ", it worked as it should.
I was able to distrust through a timeout in the log.

Thx all for the tips.